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Dhofar - Salalah Tailored Tours with Dhofar Experience

The Dhofar region offers the visitor spectacular, untouched natural diversity. Whether it is deserts, mountains, beaches or caves that intrigue you, in Dhofar you can find it all.

The best way to explore Dhofar is with a knowledgeable local guide. Dhofar Experience Tours connects visitors and residents with licensed tour guides who are multilingual in local languages. Standard and customised tours are available, ranging from a few hours to longer hikes and overnight camping trips. The charming guides share their local insights and a uniquely Dhofari experience. 

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Telephone:      95046867

Salalah Khareef Festival

The cool Khareef Festival makes Salalah coveted throughout the Arabian Gulf every summer.

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Khareef, of course, is the Arabian monsoon unique to the Dhofar region. The gentle monsoon drizzle and overcast skies cool everything down, and before long before the landscape turns a magical technicolour green. 

Tourists from elsewhere in Oman and the Arabian Gulf flock to Salalah to escape the northern summer furnace. In addition to this natural bounty, the festival also includes social and cultural events and shopping. The hub of activity is the municipal fairgrounds (see the Secret Salalah map). 

Khareef weather can be quite a thrill after the summer heat. The festival certainly has some highlights , but like any high tourism season, it has quite an impact on the town. Prices shoot up, roads get crowded and tempers can get short. During the festival this may not be the Salalah we know and love. It is a magical time of year, but the influx of tourists can take its toll. Best advice? For visitors: Marhaba. You are so welcome in Salalah. For residents? Keep the option of traveling elsewhere at this time open!

Al Baleed Museum of the Frankincense Land

Situated on Sultan Qaboos Street, the 'Land of Frankincense' museum is one of the cultural Gems of Salalah. There is a large archaeological site that you can stroll through, and the museum hosts an impressive collection about the archaeological and maritime history of Oman. 

The area has been inhabited since the 5th millennium BC and the city's re-establishment is dated between the 4th and 10th centuries AD. This is must see for anyone visiting Salalah, as it gives unique insight into the history of the region.

Find Al Baleed on the Secret Salalah map.

Omani Society for Fine Arts Salalah Branch
The Omani Society for Fine Arts does fine work in preserving and promoting traditional and emerging art in Oman. In addition to exhibits of the work of local, resident and foreign artists, the Society also conducts workshops and hosts artists in residence. Some fine coffee table publications are also produced on special occasions (see the multimedia website for the stunning 40th Renaissance Anniversay publication).

Though smaller than its Muscati sister, the Salalah branch is an eye-opening experience. Staff are welcoming and eager to show visitors around the exhibits... and even the behind-the-scenes studio workshops. Enjoy inspiring artwork and a warm reception.

Hours: 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM; 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM.
Telephone: 23 299 691
Address: Off Ar Rubat Street, next to KFC, Central Salalah. (See the Secret Salalah Map)

Handicrafts Market

Image: Omani Crafts
Traditional and modern Omani crafts are on display and for sale at Salalah' s Handicrafts Market. This is the place to pick up earthen fankincense burners, handwoven baskets, embroidered caps and more. The market contains many different stalls, and some of the crafters sell their goods in person, and craft demonstrations can also be seen at times.

Hours: 9:00 AM - 1:00PM; 4 PM - 10:00 PM
Address: A'tanmiyah Street, near the Vegetable Market, Central Salalah. (See the Secret Salalah map). 

Hafa Souq (Traditional Market)

Haafa Souq is an essential stop for traditional Omani and Arabian gifts and souvenirs, and a true Salalah experience. Traditional clothing and accessories, homeware and, most noticeably, perfumes, are available at every turn. It is advisable to cover the whole souq and ask for prices before making any purchases. In true Arabian tradition, prices are flexible and playful bargaining is the norm.

Best buys: Dhofari thobes, tassled turbans, frankincense and myrrh.

Address: Sultan Qaboos Street, Haafa (see the Secret Salalah map). 

Al Haseela Farmers' Market

The vegetables don't get much fresher or more local  than at the Al Haseela Farm vegetable stall. With a generous selection of lush, freshly picked herbs, vegetables fresh from the land and local eggs, the stall is a great source. Produce is also reported to be organic. As we become more aware of food miles, as well as the hazardous effects of travel, preservation and artificial agriculture methods, it is good to know we have a natural provider right on our doorstep. Not to mention the low, low prices and service with a smile. 

Find the stall beside Al Haseela Farm, opposite Al Baleed Museum on Sultan Qaboos Street in Haafa. See the Secret Salalah map for the exact location. 

Coconut Drivethru

As the summer heat sneaks up on us, the best way to cool down is Salalah's iconic coconut drivethrus. Tropical fruit stalls lining several roads in Dahariz and Haseela will deliver to the air conditioned comfort of your vehicle. (see the Secret Salalah map for our favourite vendor.)

Nothing cools the blood quite like the water of  a young green coconut, freshly opened and served with a straw. After you have enjoyed the liquid, juicy white flesh awaits...

In addition to young coconuts, vendors also sell fleshy brown coconuts (fresh and dried), papayas (green or ripe) and other seasonal tropical fruits. One of the highlights is the variety of bananas, all of them delicious.

All the fruits are locally grown in Salalah. In fact, if you ask for a green papaya the vendor just may disappear to pick one from a nearby tree. Eating fresh, local, cheaply and well - and staying cool - couldn't be easier.

And with all those luscious coconuts available so conveniently and cheaply, why not try making your own dairy-free coconut yoghurt or kefir? In this accessible online course, the experts show you how.

Empty Quarter Camps

The Empty Quarter, one of the largest sand deserts in the world, has played a considerable part in the history and culture of the Arabian Peninsula. This remarkable and breathtaking landscape with its deeply peaceful way of life is surprisingly accessible thanks to Empty Quarter Camps. 

In this comfortable, well-equipped permanent campsite at the edge of the sands, even the not-so-adventurous can experience an authentic desert adventure with a traditional flavour. Visitors and residents of Salalah are welcomed for an overnight stay, enjoying the cooler hours from sunset to sunrise among the panoramic sands and their serene silence. Meals, bedding and, yes, flushing toilets are all provided under the clear desert sky. 4WD excursions into the sands are also available by arrangement. Visitors are collected from the Ubar UNESCO World Heritage Site at Shisr

Since the camp is out of cellular network reach, the organizers are best reached by SMS text message at least a week in advance. To arrange a trip, SMS the word EQCAMP with the date of your planned visit and number of guests to camp guide Mabrouk Al Masan at +968 9555 5345.

Empty Quarter Camps carries Secret Salalah's very highest recommendation. Prepare to be stunned, inspired and restored. 

Ladies' Health Club and Day Spa

Salalah's latest health and beauty destination is the ladies-only Health Club and Day Spa in New Salalah. Professional, internationally trained staff provide top-notch service in a luxurious  environment. 

A wide range of specialised facial and body treatments are available. And then, of course, there are the hair services that will have you walking on air with a bounce in your step. A ladies' gym and exercise class facility is also on the cards in the near future. It seems the ladies of Salalah are about to get even more devastatingly gorgeous. 

Address:        New Salalah, opposite the sports stadium (see the Secret Salalah map)
Telephone:   23 289700; 23 292647

Salalah to Dubai Direct Flights from Oman Air

Oman Air has relaunched direct flights between Salalah and Dubai. The Sultanate's carrier once again operates two weekly direct flights each way. This is excellent news for travelers, opening up a few more weekend options, and eliminating unnecessary extra flights on trips further afield. The airline is also partnering with hotels in Dubai to make very reasonable luxury accommodation packages available (see the brochure below).

Direct online booking is available at, while your travel agent will have the lowdown on accommodation deals. 
Oman Air Salalah-Dubai Direct Flights