Salalah Khareef Festival Debuts Frankincense Ice Cream

Frankincense Ice Cream: Taste Khareef!
Visitors to Salalah's Khareef Festival 2011 can look forward to a taste sensation with the soul of Dhofar: Frankincense Ice Cream. This rich and enchanting delicacy, laced with Dhofari frankincense essential oil, has captured the imaginations - and devoted palates - of the lucky few who have tried the homemade recipe. During July 2011's Khareef festival this designer confection will be exclusively available at the Haafa Souq festival market stands (see Secret Salalah map). The stand is in the open area opposite the large Arabian Gallery store and is open from 5:30 PM until the day's freshly made batch of ice cream is sold out. 

This is not just ice cream. It's an experience. 
Frankincense Ice Cream: A Dhofar Original
Disclosure: The Secret Salalah Squad confess to close involvement with, and absolute devotion to, Dhofar's Original Frankincense Ice Cream. When you taste it, you will understand.